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Air Quality

Regulation and SIP Management

R. 61-62/61-86.1 General Update ("Regulation Clean Up")

Proposed & Recent Rulemaking

The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has conducted a review of current air quality regulations to ensure that we are efficiently and effectively meeting our goals of promoting and protecting the public health and the environment.

DHEC created an internal Regulation Clean-Up Workgroup to formulate ways to evaluate the whole of air quality regulations to provide clarification, delete or update obsolete requirements, and correct typographical errors where necessary.

DHEC has also held external stakeholder meetings to take recommendations and comments on those regulatory amendments identified by the Regulation Clean-Up Workgroup. Through these stakeholder meetings, DHEC developed amendments to S. C. Regulation 61-62 and Regulation 61-86.1 by consensus.

DHEC has amended R. 61-62 and the SIP. In particular DHEC has amended R. 61-62.1, Definitions and General Requirements, to update and correct definitions and permit requirements; R. 61-62.5, Standard 1, Emissions From Fuel Burning Operations, to exclude the requirement for natural gas fired units to maintain a log of periods of startup and shutdown; R. 61-62.5, Standard 2, Ambient Air Quality Standards, to remove the standard for Total Suspended Particle (TSP) and update exceedance limitation for the carbon monoxide (CO) standard; R.61-62.5, Standard No. 4, Emissions from Process Industries, to modify the regulatory strategy for cotton gins; and clarified the definition for major source threshold throughout 61-62. DHEC also has deleted R. 61-62.5, Standard 6, Alternative Emission Limitation Options ("Bubble"); and updated the entirety of R. 61-62 to correct typographical errors, provide clarification, delete or update obsolete requirements.

DHEC has also amended R. 61-86.1, Standards of Performance for Asbestos Projects, to revise Section XX.A.4 and add Section XX.J.3 to change the required frequency of building inspections for industrial manufacturing and electrical generating facilities from 3 years to 5 years.

The information below includes a summary of all revisions and related South Carolina State Register publications. If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Hollis by phone at (803)898-4196 or by email.

Air Regulation "Clean up" Documents

For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.