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Workplaces can offer some of the best options for helping individuals and communities reduce vehicle miles traveled. Most of us have to work and the majority of jobs take us away from our homes. The most widely used method of getting from home to the workplace is by our personal vehicle. The following options will help reduce mobile source emissions and improve air quality.

  • Alternate Work Schedules (AWS) - An AWS allows employees to work a non-traditional schedule and make fewer trips to and from their workplace.
  • Carpooling/Vanpooling - A group of commuters riding together from their homes or a park and ride helps reduce traffic congestion and mobile source pollution.
  • Mass Transit - Any public transportation system that is designed to move large numbers of passengers more efficiently than single passenger vehicles. Many urban areas in our state have mass transit options available.
  • Park and Ride - A park and ride lot is a place where commuters can leave their personal vehicles and transfer to mass transit, vanpool or carpool for the rest of their trip. Workplaces with large parking lots could designate parking spaces for commuters which will help reduce traffic congestion and mobile source pollution.
  • Telecommuting - When employers offer telecommuting, employees reduce their commute by performing all or some of their work away from their workplace. Telecommuters make fewer vehicle trips, reducing greenhouse gas and other pollutant emissions while saving money, fuel and time. With the recent advancements in communication technologies, telecommuting can occur just about anywhere!
  • Walking and Biking - Another way to reduce air pollution from mobile sources is to make sure that your vehicle is powered by you. Workplaces that provide bike racks and showers offers employees a healthy option to get to and from their workplace.

Additional Resources for the Workplace

For more information please contact the Bureau of Air Quality at (803) 898-4123 or by email.