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Anderson County

Below you can view the participating schools and their current idling data. Each school year, we ask each school to submit at least three sets of data. The Baseline represents the initial counts for the school year, while the Final shows the last one. The difference between the baseline and final percentages represents your hard work promoting anti-idling at your school!

Click on the school's name to look at previous years' data and highlights information.

School Name School
Idling %
Idling %
2012-2013 Baseline 21.6 100
Final 9.1 100
2011-2012 Baseline 97 100
Final 53.6 *
2012-2013 Baseline 11 100
Final 2.7 0
2011-2012 Baseline 21 0
Final 9.6 *
2010-2011 Baseline 5.8 *
Final 3.8 *

Wren Elementary School started participating in the B2 program on April 21, 2010. In 2004 Wren Elementary School received a grant from DHEC to begin their wREnCYCLE Club; which is made up of 38 students grades 1-5 and the 4th grade teachers. As part of their goals as a Green Steps School, they held a kickoff event on April 21, 2010 to begin their participation in B2.

  • The 12 member student 'Breathe Better Brigade' painted awareness posters and hung them in the halls and outside to inform parents and students of the program and kickoff.
  • The Brigade performed a commercial on the W.R.E.N. morning news show to get their peers excited about the kickoff.
  • During dismissal, the Brigade, parent volunteers, and teachers greeted drivers in the car line and bus line to remind them to "Turn the key and be idle free!"
  • Drivers were given an information card and the bus drivers were excited to receive a coffee mug.

Teachers participated in the "Action for a Cleaner Tomorrow" hands-on workshop to learn more about implementing "green" lessons into their classroom curriculum on April 28, 2010 as well.

An eager student holds up their sign to passing drivers Students painted awareness posters and hung them in the halls and outside to inform parents and students of the program and kickoff
Members of the Breathe Better Brigade and Faculty kickoff B2 at Wren Elementary

* indicates no information submitted for this period

Previous Participating Schools in Anderson County

  • Nevitt Forest Elementary

Wren Middle School 2009-2010

Student and teacher helping raise awareness to Turn the Key and Be Idle Free Students at Wren Middle School showing off their anti-idling signs

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For more information on B2, please contact Debra Briggs-Monroe or by phone at (803) 898-3752.