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Greenville County

Below you can view the participating schools and their current idling data. Each school year, we ask each school to submit at least three sets of data. The Baseline represents the initial counts for the school year, while the Final shows the last one. The difference between the baseline and final percentages represents your hard work promoting anti-idling at your school!

Greenville County has the state's largest school district, and the second highest amount of schools participating in B2 of any county or district. This success is largely due to the efforts of the county's award-winning "Spare the Air" public awareness campaign.

Click on the school's name to look at previous years' data and highlights information.

School Name School
Idling %
Idling %
2012-2012 Baseline 8.3 20
Final 5.9 0
2011-2012 Baseline 23.3 *
Final 2.7 *
2010-2011 Baseline * *
Final * *
2009-2010 Baseline 22.6 *
Final * *
Augusta Circle Elementary
2012-2013 Baseline 50.7 66.7
Final 39.1 0
2012-2013 Baseline 16.9 *
Final 18.7 33.3
2011-2012 Baseline 27.5 0
Final 22.6 0
2010-2011 Baseline 15.5 *
Final 10.7 *

Christ Church Episcopal School started B2 on their Lower, Middle, and Upper campuses. The 7th grade has the primary duties, and the 3rd-4th grade Safety Patrol assists on the Lower campus.

Learn more about CCES Earth Cavaliers and their efforts towards promoting B2

The 'Spirit Board' helps raise awareness
The CCES 'Spirit Board' helps raise awareness
2012-2013 Baseline 7.1 50
Final 6.9 50
2011-2012 Baseline 2.9 66.6
Final 7.4 33.3
2010-2011 Baseline * *
Final * *
2009-2010 Baseline 60.5 *
Final * *
2008-2009 Baseline 24.8 *
Final 31.9 *

Fountain Inn Elementary School became the second B2 participant in 2007. The school:

  • enacted anti-idling policies for school buses, carpoolers, and delivery vehicles;
  • posted "No Idling" Signs in front of the school;
  • printed an anti-idling policy in the student/parent handbook;
  • sent home newsletters to raise awareness about idling and air pollution;
  • collected data on the number of idling vehicles on campus and learned that number has decreased over time; and
  • created an Air Quality Patrol made up of fourth- and fifth-graders. Wearing their blue B2 vests, the students help monitor the car lines, collect data, and remind parents to turn off their engines during arrival and dismissal.
Anti-Idling Signs at Fountain Inn

Air Quality Patrol with the Clean Air Kid (October 2007)
2007-2008 Air Quality Patrol

Throughout the 2008-09 school year, Fountain Inn has continued to find new innovative ways to improve air quality. The school:

  • encourages students to walk or bike to school, instead of riding in family vehicles;
  • participated in International Walk to School Day in October;
  • plans additional walk-to-school events throughout the school year;
  • received a grant from Safe Routes to School in fall 2008 to help make their walking environment safer; and
  • won a grant from DHEC's Champions of the Environment in March 2008 to transform the school's central courtyard, once a source of dust and lawnmower emissions, into a garden and outdoor classroom.

On May 28, 2008, the U.S. EPA recognized Greenville County for its dedication to excellence in achieving clean air with a Clean Air Excellence Award.

In November 2008, Principal Glen Wile was named 'Outstanding School Administrator' at DHEC's inaugural "Spare the Air" Awards.

During the 2009 - 2010 school year, they decreased the number of idling vehicles from 25% to 1%.

Fountain Inn Courtyard over time...

Before students transformed the school's central courtyard, it produced dust and lawnmower emissions that were drawn into the school's intake vents, affecting air quality inside the building.

October 2007 Groundbreaking Day
Autumn 2007
Courtyard view
Winter 2007
Picture of Trees Planted in Natural Area
Spring 2008

Students, teachers, parents, and other community volunteers (including nonprofit group TreesGreenville) helped plant, landscape, put down mulch, and spread stones for the garden paths.

The benefits were numerous:

  • The garden decreased the mowing area and lawnmower emissions near the school.
  • The trees planted shade the school to reduce the energy demand of air conditioning, filter pollutants out of the air, and reduce stormwater runoff and soil erosion.
  • Downspouts from the roof collect rainwater for the plants.
  • All grade levels use the garden for outdoor science lessons.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized the efforts of Fountain Inn with a special Children's Health Month certificate at their B2/Courtyard kickoff event in October 2007.
2012-2013 Baseline 32 100
Final 29.5 0
2011-2012 Baseline 26.2 25
Final 14.8 0
2010-2011 Baseline 47.2 *
Final 34.3 *
2009-2010 Baseline 30.3 *
Final * *

Oakview Elementary School added B2 to their impressive list of environmental projects in 2009. The Earth Saver students educated the school community, and performed a special skit for their bus drivers. The school also has very successful programs for recycling, composting, gardening, and waste reduction, all of which contribute to better air quality. Learn more about "Green Steps" at Oakview.

Skit for the bus drivers Earth Saver students and Oakview bus drivers
Skit for the bus drivers Earth Saver students and Oakview bus drivers
2012-2013 Baseline 28.9 0
Final 4.4 0
2011-2012 Baseline * *
Final * *
2010-2011 Baseline * *
Final * *
2009-2010 Baseline * *
Final * *
2008-2009 Baseline * *
Final * *
2012-2013 Baseline 10.9 66.7
Final 2.9 0
2011-2012 Baseline 27.8 0
Final 0 0
2010-2011 Baseline * *
Final * *
2009-2010 Baseline 15.6 *
Final * *
2012-2013 Baseline 7.1 20
Final 0 0
2011-2012 Baseline 7.1 20
Final 4.4 100
Summit Drive Elementary
2012-2013 Baseline 5.5 0
Final 8.67 0
2012-2013 Baseline 19.2 100
Final 10.3 0
2011-2012 Baseline 23.5 *
Final 21.1 *
2010-2011 Baseline 25.5 0
Final 10.2 0

Taylors Elementary School received a $400 Clean Air Upstate Grant in recognition of its participation in the DHEC Breathe Better(B2) Anti-Idling Program.

* indicates no information submitted for this period

Previous Participating Schools in Greenville County

Woodland Elementary 2008-2010

At the start of the 2008-2009 school year, Woodland Elementary School became a B2 school to improve their immediate air quality. The school's 30 member Green Team of 4th and 5th graders, which also oversaw recycling activities, lead the way with their peers.

"No Idling" signs have been posted, designating the school campus as a "no-idle zone." The school's bus drivers were already observing a no-idling practice, as directed by the Greenville County School District.

Early data collection showed that the program is off to a great start. During afternoon dismissal, over 150 cars line up in the school driveway, with another 70+ cars extending into the main road. Before the program, almost 25 percent of these drivers were idling their cars. High gas prices made the "no-idle zone" an easy sell at the start of the school year. By the end of their first week, only 4 cars were idling (less than 1 percent!).

Each Friday, Green Team students collected paper recyclables from classrooms, while proudly wearing their B2 t-shirts and dog tags.

The Green Team
The Green Team
  • JL Mann High 2008-2010
  • Oakdale Elementary 2009-2010

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For more information on B2, please contact Debra Briggs-Monroe or by phone at (803) 898-3752.