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Environmental Surveillance Oversight Program (ESOP)

Radiological Monitoring of Fish Associated with SRS

Image of people fishing off of a boat

Largemouth bass and catfish are collected along the Savannah River and monitored for radionuclide concentrations. White catfish are collected when channel catfish are not available. These species are consumed in the study area and common in the catch of local anglers. Fish are collected from sample locations upstream, downstream, and adjacent to SRS using boat-mounted electrofishing equipment. Fish are also collected from one location not affected by SRS as a background sample. Once collected, the fish are individually prepared, and blended into edible and non-edible portions. One blended sample, known as a composite, consists of five fish of the same species. Composites are analyzed for gamma-emitting radionuclides and tritium. Selected composites are analyzed for total strontium.


For additional information, contact: (803) 642-1637