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Environmental Health

About Us:

DHEC Bureau of Environmental Health

Environmental Health plays a distinctive and essential role in safeguarding public health.

environmental health home page imageDHEC’s Bureau of Environmental Health protects South Carolina families, visitors to our state, and our environment by applying scientific principles and sound management practices to:

  • Food protection
  • Septic tank permitting, inspections and investigations (onsite wastewater management)
  • An array of general sanitation issues.

We approach our responsibilities from many angles. For instance, we

  • Develop and refine regulations as needed, and work to help lawmakers understand the need for the regulations;
  • Interpret and carry out regulations approved by state and federal lawmakers
  • Issue permits to facilities and activities that meet regulatory requirements
  • Inspect regulated facilities
  • Investigate sanitation complaints and foodborne illness outbreaks
  • Routinely assess public health needs
  • Monitor diseases like rabies and West Nile Virus and help protect the public from them by coordinating yearly rabies clinics and advising local communities on mosquito control
  • Seek out and allocate resources, including information, technology, and funding
  • Constantly evaluate the progress we’re making and the processes we follow in order to improve and ensure quality, consistency and equity in the uniform application of laws and regulations
  • Maintain DHEC offices throughout the state to deliver efficient, effective environmental health services to local communities.

How DHEC Bureau of Environmental Health is Organized

The Bureau of Environmental Health is made up of staff working out of DHEC’s headquarters in Columbia as well as staff working in multiple Environmental Health departments located in DHEC county and regional offices around the state.

The bureau is organized into four divisions:

  • Food Safety
  • General Sanitation
  • Onsite Wastewater Management (Septic Tanks)
  • Regional Support.

Many of our local DHEC offices mirror this same organizational structure. Each regional office is overseen by a regional Environmental Health director.

Administratively, our bureau is part of the larger Environmental Quality Control Division of DHEC.

Staff and Contact Information

Telephone: (803) 896-0646
Fax: (803) 896-0645

Roger D. Scott, Bureau Chief
L.A. Williams, Jr., Special Assistant to the Bureau Chief
Laura Decker, DHEC Environmental Health Administrative Assistant