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Food Safety for Industry

Festivals, Fairs, Carnivals and Circuses

This shows a tray of candy applesFood Permit Needed

Anyone operating a food service at a public festival, carnival, circus, fair or similar event lasting up to 14 days must get a Temporary Food Service permit (pdf) from DHEC.

  • The permit is free
  • It is good only for the dates of the festival or event.

SC regulation 61-25 Retail Food Establishments (pdf) regulates temporary food vendors.

Contact DHEC staff in the county where the event will take place ahead of time to get festival- specific information.

Events Lasting 1-3 Days

If your event will last from 1-3 days, you may possibly qualify for DHEC's Special Events Food Service permit, which is also free.

Read DHEC's Food Service at Special Events (pdf).

Events Lasting More Than 14 Days

You must meet the same food safety and quality control standards as all other retail food services in South Carolina. Review the state's food service law, Regulation 61-25 Retail Food Establishments and DHEC's Food Equipment and Installation Manual (pdf).