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Environmental Health Services

What is the Bureau of Environmental Health Services?

The Bureau of Environmental Health Services is also called "BEHS". BEHS has four areas.

  1. Regional Offices
  2. Environmental Quality Control (EQC) Laboratories
  3. Environmental Laboratory Certification
  4. Quality Assurance

These areas work together to provide customer support to the public and to other areas of S.C. DHEC.

Regional Offices provide local support to the public.

The Environmental Quality Control Laboratories (EQC Labs) provide support to environmental programs within S.C. DHEC.

The Office of Environmental Laboratory Certification offers certification to environmental laboratories.

The State Quality Assurance Management Office (SQAMO) is responsible for S.C. DHEC's Quality Assurance Management Program.

Select Regional Offices for the telephone number and address of your local S.C. DHEC Office.

Last Update: May 17, 2013