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Voluntary Cleanup Program Success Stories


Manchester Village

Site Before Cleanup
Site After Cleanup
photo of a York County Transfer Station before clean up photo of Manchester Cinema, a redeveloped brownfields site, after clean up

Manchester Cinema is a movie theater within Manchester Village, a mixed media redevelopment that was a former Brownfields site - the old York County Garbage Transfer Station. The property is located about 600 feet north of Dave Lyle Boulevard and 1000 feet west of Interstate 77 in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The original site consists of 150 acres and the remediated Manchester Cinemas site consists of 20 acres.

During the City of Rock Hill's ownership of the property, it leased the site to York County from 1983 - 1993 to operate a garbage transfer station. York County abandoned the site in 1993, but left some environmental contamination. Because environmental contamination was perceived to be onsite, developers were hesitant in purchasing this property. In 1999, the City of Rock Hill, as a responsible party, and Manchester Cinema, LLC, as a non-responsible party, each entered into a Voluntary Cleanup Contract with the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control. In exchange, the responsible party received covenant not-to-sue, and the non-responsible party received State Superfund liability protection, once assessment work was completed.

Since this site has been redeveloped, it has had a great impact on the community. Manchester Village has increased the tax base, developed new jobs and provided a better quality of life while protecting the environment. The 150 acres will generate approximately $80 million in retail sales this year. Of that amount, about $4 million will go toward taxes, with an added $1 million applied toward the local option sales tax that is available for roads and infrastructure. Nearly 800 people are now employed at the site that houses the Cinema, six restaurants, Target Store, a hotel, gas station and Piedmont Medical Center. The Village also houses two residential communities, one with 500 multi-family units and the other with a potential of 1,000 residential homes. Families are already living in these communities.

In recognition of this excellent Brownfields redevelopment, Manchester Village was awarded the 2001 Phoenix Award, the prestigious Brownfields redevelopment award for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Region IV. It also marks the second time a Brownfields redevelopment in South Carolina has been recognized by EPA. In 2000, the Carolinas Recycling Group received the Phoenix Award for its efforts to clean up and redevelop a site in Spartanburg, S.C.

Picture of 2001 Phoenix Award Recipients
2001 Phoenix Award Recipient - Manchester Village

Carolinas Recycling Group

Site Before Cleanup
Site After Cleanup
photo of a brownfields site before clean up photo of same brownfields site after clean up

Carolinas Recycling Group (CRG) owns and operates a redeveloped Brownfields site located at 2061 Nazareth Church Road in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Fourteen of the 24.31 acres were redeveloped with the other acreage acting as a buffer. The former owners of the site operated an aluminum recycling and smelting facility from 1966 until 1990, when they ceased operation and filed for bankruptcy. On January 16, 1996, a subsidiary of CRG titled, Carolina Industries Services Company (CISCO), became the Department of Health and Environmental Control's first party to negotiate an agreement through the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), which was expanded to include providing State Superfund liability protection to non-responsible parties. CRG spent approximately $1.5 million to assess, remediate and renovate the site and did so in one year.

Redeveloping this site has enhanced it both environmentally and economically. CISCO began its operation at this location in 1996, employing 73 skilled individuals. Now CRG has expanded to a total of eight locations in the Upstate and employs 175 people. This site recycles more than 11,000 tons of metals a month from surrounding communities. CRG's annual sales have grown from $15 million to approximately $70 million. Thanks in large part to its outstanding redevelopment of this Brownfields site, CRG was awarded the prestigious Brownfields Redevelopment award - the Phoenix Award - by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency's Region IV in 2000.

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