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State Superfund Program Public Information - Attachments

AVX Corporation
AVX Fact Sheet Figure 1
AVX Fact Sheet Figure 2
April 09 Progress Report
May 09 Progress Report
June 09 Progress Report
July 09 Progress Report
August 09 Progress Report
Sept 09 Progress Report
Oct 09 Progress Report
Nov 09 Progress Report
AVX-MB Proposed Plan 110111
EFP February 5, 2008 Public Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
EFP Large Map with One Mile Radius
EFP Proposed Plan--Addendum
Stoller Chemical
Proposed Plan for and Amendment to the Record of Decision for OU1 (Groundwater) Dated 1999 with Figure 1 - Site Location Map 
Figure 1 - Stoller Site Location Map  
Stoller IGWTS Process Flow Diagram 
Areal Extent of Cadium Plume IGWTS Pumping OU-1 (2001-2005) 
Alternative 3 Pump and Treat Only Aeral Extent of Impacted Groundwater 
Alternative 4 SRBR Only Areal Extent of Impacted Groundwater
Alternative 5 Pump and Treat/SRBR Areal Extent of Impacted Groundwater 
2007 RSG Settlement Agreement 
2002 State Agreement SJWG and RSG 
Comment 2008 SJWF Statement Agreement 
Proposed Plan Presentation 
Public Meeting Transcript 
Proposed Plan
Amendment to Voluntary Cleanup Contract 02-5416-RP
SCE&G-Fleet Management Site
Remedial Investigation Report 05/01/07 
SCE&G Investigation Approval 08/29/08 
Removal Action Work Plan 08/07/09
SCANA'S Summary of Supplemental Delineation Activities 04/21/09
DHEC'S Removal Action Memorandum 09/21/09
Proposed Plan Final 

For more information please contact the Bureau of Land & Waste Management at (803) 898-2000 or visit our offices (note new location).