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Information for Public Schools and School Districts

State-term Contract for Recycling Electronics

While all public schools and school districts may use the state-term contract with Creative Recycling Systems for recycling computers, televisions and other electronics, those public schools and school districts that have adopted the state procurement code must use the state contract for recycling electronics. There is no charge for the services provided by this contract vendor.

For more information on the state-term contract, call the S.C. Budget and Control Board’s Information Technology Management Office at 803-896-0284.


Buying ‘Greener’ Computers

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a system to help evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks and monitors based on their environmental attributes. Currently, more than 2,000 computers and monitors are listed with more being added regularly. The system will be expanded to include additional electronic products (e.g., printers and televisions) in the future.

EPEAT evaluates electronic products in relation to 51 environmental criteria – 23 required criteria and 28 optional criteria. Products are ranked according to three tiers of environmental performance – Bronze, Silver and Gold. All registered products must meet the required criteria. Manufacturers may achieve a higher EPEATrating for products by meeting the optional criteria.

A list of EPEAT-registered computers is available.

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