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Re-Trac Login Defining MSW Measuring MSW Reporting Deadline Collecting Data from Municipalities
Reporting Important Points Determining What is MSW Full-cost Disclosure Collecting Data from Businesses

The S.C. Solid Waste Policy and Management Act of 1991 (Act) outlines specific reporting requirements including annual reporting by counties on the amount of municipal solid waste recycled within their jurisdictions and full-cost disclosure reporting by each county and municipality on the costs of operating its solid waste management program.

This data is compiled and published each year in the "S.C. Solid Waste Management Annual Report." In addition, this report also should include recycling efforts of municipalities, businesses, industries, schools, non-profits and agencies located within the county, even though these entities are not required to report.

To meet the reporting requirements, counties enter their recycling data into Re-TRAC Connect, a Web-based data management system, provided by DHEC. A failure to enter data into Re-TRAC Connect will be considered a non-report (and the county may be ineligible for grant funding from DHEC).

There has been an upgrade to the original Re-TRAC program. Given that, in order to report, you must re-register at the new Web site. Click on "Changes and Additions for the Fiscal Year" above for more information.

While cities are NOT required to reporting recycling data, they are required to report full-cost data if they provide solid waste services. For the first time, the on-line reporting program is available to cities to collect full-cost and recycling data. Click here to learn more.


Important Points Before You Begin
A reference section for Re-TRAC Connect users.
It includes points to remember before
entering recycling data as well as a training manual.

Collecting Data from Municipalities
Re-TRAC Connect is now available for cities to report full-cost and recycling data directly to DHEC.

Determining what is (or isn't) MSW
This section helps recycling professionals
understand the difference between MSW and
industrial processed waste.

Collecting Data from Businesses
This section provides information for local governments
to encourage businesses to report
their recycling efforts.

Measuring Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Recycling Efforts

This section details South Carolina's efforts
to measure its recycling and disposal rate

Reporting Deadline Reminder
The deadline to report FY12 data in Re-TRAC Connect has passed. Local governments may begin entering FY13 data.

Solid Waste Definitions
This section details the various terms and
definitions used in reporting.


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For more information about reporting, please contact the Office at 1-800-768-7348.

This Web page was last updated on July 19, 2013.