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Business Reporting

Businesses play a significant role in the recycling activities in any county. This data, however, is almost always under reported because businesses and industry are not required by law to report.

Two tools are available to help businesses and industry easily report their recycling activities. Local government recycling coordinators are strongly encouraged to promote the use of these tools to collect data and provide a more accurate picture of the recycling activities in their county or municipality.

Collection of data can be either completed on-line (which requires the business to register and enter their data on the Internet) or through a fillable Word document. Depending on the size of the business may dictate which method is easiest for the business.

DHEC is now offering a simplified and improved on-line reporting system that is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. Called Re-TRAC Connect, this Web-based data management system allows businesses to easily report their recycling tonnages for the previous fiscal year. Re-TRAC Connect has been redesigned into a one screen survey - which is easier to complete. Re-TRAC Connect replaces Biz-TRAC. Again, businesses will have to join Re-TRAC Connect (and create a NEW user id/password). The deadline for businesses to submit data for Fiscal Year 2013 is Friday, November 1, 2013. 

For those companies that are not able to (or do not want to) use the Web-based program, local government recycling coordinators are encouraged to request recycling data from businesses through this fillable PDF. A copy of a sample letter is available that can be used when trying to solicit recycling data from businesses using the fillable Word document. This method of data collection requires the coordinator to still enter the information into the Re-TRAC Connect system. The Commercial/Institution and Industrial Suveys in Re-TRAC will remain open until November 1, 2013.

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For more information about reporting, please contact the Office at 1-800-768-7348.

This Web page was last updated on July 19, 2013.