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Measuring Recycling Efforts

It is South Carolina's goal to recycle 40 percent or more (calculated by weight) of the municipal solid waste generated in the state no later than 2020.

To measure the state's progress towards that goal, counties are required by law to report their recycling data. To report, counties must enter their recycling data into Re-TRAC Connect, a Web-based data management system provided by DHEC.

When using Re-TRAC Connect, there is no additional software to purchase or any cost for local governments. A failure to enter data into Re-TRAC will be considered a non-report (and the county will be ineligible for grant funding from the Division). Cities, while not required to report their recycling efforts, will use Re-TRAC Connect to meet their reporting requirements for full-cost disclosure. Click on "Full-Cost Disclosure" above to learn more.

Reporting Tips

When using Re-TRAC Connect, there is no additional software to purchase and all costs associated with the Web-based program are being paid for by DHEC. The only requirements are users must have a computer (preferably with Windows XP but earlier versions will work) and an Internet connection. If you do not have access to a computer and/or the Internet, please e-mail the Office or call (803) 898-1324.

Use the Volume-To-Weight Conversion Factors handout to convert your recycling data from cubic yards or other units of measure into tons. Make all conversions BEFORE entering data. For conversions used by the local government that are not listed on the chart, please provide the conversion, when it is used, and how the conversion was derived, if possible. Conversions provided may be shared with others.

For example, if used motor oil is reported in gallons for some businesses and tons for other businesses, convert to a common unit BEFORE adding figures together and then convert to pounds or tons BEFORE entering into Re-TRAC.

Do NOT include disposal information - DHEC enters that data directly from landfill reports.

Total tonnage should represent only the amount that was GENERATED AND RECYCLED within the county/region (not imported from other counties or states). 

Include all county residential recycling data and the residential recycling data from all local governments. In addition, include the recycling data from:

  • institutional and non-profit establishments (e.g., schools, college and universities, government agencies, fire departments, libraries, hospitals and prisons;  
  • commercial establishments (e.g., office buildings, retail and wholesale businesses, grocery stores and restaurants); and
  • industries

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For more information about reporting, please contact the Office at 1-800-768-7348.

This Web page was last updated on July 19, 2013.