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Annual Registration Certificates/Tank Fees

The South Carolina General Assembly has directed the Department of Health and Environmental Control, through enactment of the SUPERB Act of 1988, to collect an annual registration fee for regulated underground storage tank (UST) systems. Law requires payment of the fee.

Invoices are mailed out the end of May each year to give UST owners and operators adequate time to pay the fee and received their registration certificate prior to the expiration of the current certificates on July 31. The SUPERB Act requires the owner or operator of the UST system to display the registration certificate in the office or kiosk of the facility where the USTs are registered.

If any of the USTs are sold or permanently closed (removed from the ground or filled in place with a solid, inert material) before July 1, provide a written correction (with a closure date or a signed copy of the bill of sale) to the Bureau of Land and Waste Management, Underground Storage Tank Management Division, 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201.

Important Information about annual fees and registration certificates:

  • A 10% penalty will apply to any fees remaining unpaid sixty (60) days after the initial billing date. An additional 10% penalty will apply to any fees remaining unpaid ninety (90) days after the initial billing date.
  • A registration certificate will not be issued until all past and present fees and penalties owed on an UST system are paid. Also, a registration certificate will not be issued to any owner or operator who has not complied will all terms of a consent or final administrative order.
  • The Division will not disburse SUPERB Fund monies for rehabilitation of a release if any past or present fees and penalties owed on the UST system have not been paid.
  • If total payment is not received by July 31, the UST Management Division will implement delivery prohibition to all tanks on August 1.

It is a violation of the SUPERB Act for any person to place a regulated substance into, or for an owner or operator to cause a regulated substance to be placed into, an UST system for which the owner or operator does not hold a currently valid registration. Deliveries made to any tank without a currently valid registration could lead to civil penalties for both the tank owner and the delivery company.

For more information please contact the Bureau of Land & Waste Management at (803) 898-2000 or visit our offices (note new location).