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Ocean & Coastal Resource Management (OCRM)

South Carolina Adopt-A-Beach Clean Up Reporting Form


Organization: *

Number of participating volunteers:

Beach Area: *

Date of cleaning: *

Total bags of garbage:

Estimated Weight Collected (lbs):

Estimated Time (hours):


List all entangled animals found during your cleanup. Tell us if they were dead or alive and what they were entangled in (fishing line, net, etc.)


Please indicate how many items of each material were collected.

Shoreline and Recreational Activities (Debris from beach-goers, games, litter, etc.)

Bags: Balloons: Beverage Bottles (plastic):

Beverage Cans: Clothing, Shoes:

Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons: Fireworks:

Food Wrappers/Containers: Pull Tabs: 6-Pack Holders:

Shotgun Shells/Wadding: Straws/Stirrers: Toys:


Smoking-related Activities
Cigarettes/Cigarette Filters: Butane Lighters:

Cigars/Tips: Tobacco Packaging/Wrappers:

Dumping Activities
Appliances (refrigerators, washers, etc.): Batteries:

Building Materials:  Cars/Car Parts:

Large Capacity Drums: Tires:

Medical / Personal Hygiene
Band-aids/gauze: Condoms: Diapers: Syringes:


Debris Items of Local Concern:

Tell us the most interesting or unusual item you came across:

Did you encounter debris items that you were not able to remove? If so, please list item and its approximate location:

* Required DHEC 978 (8/2010)