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Ocean & Coastal Resource Management (OCRM)

Coastal Abandoned Vessel and Marine Debris Reporting Form

Please submit one form for each abandoned vessel/large debris item found. Digital photographs should be submitted via e-mail (Note: Images must not exceed 1024 x 768 at 300 dpi, maximum 4 MB per email). Please direct questions regarding this form by calling 843-953-0200.

Observer Name: *  
Observer Telephone: *  
Observer E-mail: *  
Observation Date: *
Grid Number:
Sighting Number:
GPS Coordinates: (xx.xxxxx) Latitude: Longitude
Waterbody: *  
County: *  
Distance from Observed Debris:
Type of Debris:
Location of Debris: *  
Approximate Age of Debris:
Location and Debris Details: (Use this area to provide specific identification information including approximate size, vessel name and registration numbers if available.)  *
Potential Environmental Impacts:

*Required DHEC 984 (8/2010)