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Links to information on our programs and materials for teachers and students are listed below. Contact us if you need further information. We would love to hear from you!

Educational Programs

The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) offers many environmental education programs for teachers and students. All programs are free and contain a wealth of information. To see information on each of our programs, click on the links below.

  • Action for a cleaner tomorrow: A South Carolina Environmental Curriculum Supplement ("Action") "Action" is an activity-based interdisciplinary curriculum supplement that can serve as a basic starting place for introducing environmental education in the classroom. Developed by teachers, "Action" was introduced in 1993. The latest revision has 32 lessons correlated to the current South Carolina science standards. The subjects covered include recycling, conserving natural resources and protecting air and water. When possible, South Carolina-specific information is provided that will help bring the issues home. Teachers must attend a workshop to receive a copy of the curriculum supplement.
  • Action in the Classroom is an introduction to recycling for South Carolina's fifth and seventh-grade students. The program provides hands-on lessons, lesson resources (fact sheets for teachers that present more detailed background n issues discussed in the lessons), student activities and worksheets as well as a glossary. Each of the five lessons is correlated to the current South Carolina science standards.
  • B2 (Breathe Better):  An anti-idling/clean air campaign.  This program is designed to improve air quality around school campuses by reducing vehicle emissions.  It’s a great way for schools to help the environment and protect the health of students!   The goal is to identify and provide solutions for reducing air pollution around school campuses by enlisting the efforts of students, faculty, administration, staff, local government, and other community partners.
  • Champions of the Environment: Champions of the Environment encourages youth to learn about and protect the environment. South Carolinas K-12 students and teachers can apply to receive a $500 award from Champions for their environmental projects. Champions of the Environment also sponsors the Environmental Awareness Competition for Middle School students.
  • Green Driver Project: The Green Driver Project is for students in high school driver's education classes. The Project teaches students about the environmental impact of driving -- lessons that will last a lifetime. Students learn the importance of used oil recycling, and related air, water and energy issues. They learn about the proper maintenance of their vehicles, litter prevention and safety through a DHEC video, "DHEC1: Behind the Oil Change."
  • Ozone Forecast: The forecast is a numeric, color-coded air quality index that displays ground-level ozone concentrations. It also includes a cautionary statement for the public and is disseminated daily during ozone forecasting season, which is from May 1st-September 30th. The forecast is an integral part of several outreach programs in the Bureau of Air Quality.
  • America Reycles Day: America Recycles Day is a national celebration held every year on November 15 to raise awareness about recycling and buying recycled. DHEC's Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling serves as the contact for the state and coordinates with the national coordinator and the statewide steering committee. Essay contests and challenge cards are used to publicize the events that are scheduled around the state.


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Visit S.C. DHEC's Recycling Office. You can click on a poster to print it out. The posters are good teaching tools and they compliment lessons from "Action for a cleaner tomorrow: A South Carolina Environmental Curriculum Supplement." You also can call 1-800-768-7348 to order and receive printed copies of the posters by mail.


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