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Environmental Quality Control (EQC)

Pinewood Site

Community Involvement

April 2012 -- On Thursday, April 19, 2012, DHEC held an informal public meeting at Furman Middle School. During the public meeting, DHEC staff:

After the public meeting, a formal public hearing was held for citizens to give oral and written comments on the draft air permit for the public record.

September 2011 -- A community meeting was held on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at Furman Middle School. At this meeting, DHEC staff discussed:

  • Improvement projects undertaken at the Pinewood Site over the last two years; and
  • Future plans for site management.

The community meeting included a brief presentation followed by a question-and-answer session. DHEC staff also provided a fact sheet about the Pinewood Site. At the meeting, some residents expressed concerns regarding cancer rates in Pinewood, SC. In response to these concerns, DHEC conducted a cancer assessment for ZIP code 29125 using the most recent 5-year period of available data (2004-2008). The results of this analysis indicated that slightly more deaths resulted from all cancers combined than were expected during this time period, but did not reach an alert level. No specific types of cancer deaths were higher than expected. Incidences of specific cancer types (including rare cancers) were not above the number of cases expected to occur by chance alone. The findings of this analysis are provided in the DHEC Summary of Cancer Incidence and Mortality for ZIP Code 29125 (Pinewood, SC).