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Ag Program

Integrator Registration Program

SC Regulation 61-43 was updated in 2002 to include requirements for integrators to be registered with the Department to operate in the State. Registration is obtained by submitting DHEC's Request for Registration form to the Department. Existing integrators must submit this form on or before June 27, 2003. New integrators must submit this form and become registered before they can begin integrating operations in the State.

Under this program, no integrator shall knowingly provide animals to an animal facility that does not hold a valid agricultural permit from the Department. All integrators are encouraged to be involved with the permitting and compliance of their growers and to assist growers in dead animal disposal and proper manure utilization. Also, integrators are required to inform each prospective grower that they are required to obtain a permit from the Department for their growing operation unless they are exempted by the regulations due to the size of the facility (less than 30,000 pounds of normal production live weight). Additionally, each integrator must work with the Department to identify any of their growers that are unpermitted.

In addition to the above requirements, swine integrators must submit a plan addressing cumulative environmental and public health impacts of their contracted facilities with the first request for integrator registration. The plan must cover the existing growers and the projected 3 year increase. The plan must include the following:

  • the general area served by the integrator;
  • the number of existing swine facilities under contract;
  • the number of swine grown (broken down by facility);
  • the number of projected new facilities (broken down by facility) with the total number of swine;
  • the integrating company's: procedures, protocol, policies, programs, required manure treatment and utilization technologies, etc. to ensure cumulative impacts from their facilities do not cause adverse impact to the environment or public heath; and
  • an assessment of the adverse environmental or public health impact, if any, from the existing and proposed swine facilities under contract with the integrator.

The plan must be approved by the Department before the integrator certification can be granted. All permits for swine growers under contract with the integrator must be in compliance with the integrator's approved plan.

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