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Ag Program

Public Notice Requirements for New or Expanding
Animal Facilities Other Than Swine

Permit Applicant Responsibilities

The permit applicant, prior to making an application for a permit to the Department, will use the Department’s Notice of Intent to Construct an Agricultural Facility form to notify all property owners within 1,320 feet of the footprint of the proposed facility. This notification will explain that an application will be made to the Department for a new or expanding agricultural facility. The completed forms are submitted to the Department with the application.

DHEC Responsibilities.

Upon receipt of the application, DHEC will post four public notices in the general area of the proposed facility

DHEC will meet with concerned citizens when significant comments (20 or more comments) exist. When a meeting is required, the Department will invite all person who submitted written comments. The meeting invitation will be sent First Class US mail service.

Permit Decision. When a permit decision is made, DHEC will notify the following persons using First Class US mail service:

  • the permit applicant;
  • persons who commented in writing;
  • persons who attended the meeting, if held; and
  • for permit issuances, place a notice of permit issuance in a local newspaper.

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