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Ag Program


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South Carolina started regulating agricultural facilities in the 1960s. The Agricultural Program is administered by several Divisions within the Bureau of Water which oversee permitting, compliance, monitoring, and enforcement activities for agricultural facilities. State Law and Regulations require owners/operators of most commercial animal growing operations to obtain permits for the handling, storage, treatment (if necessary), and disposal of the manure, litter, and dead animals generated at their facilities. In addition to the state permit, animal operations that are Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are now required to have a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit if they have a discharge to surface water.  Other agricultural activities such as peach packing, stock yards, slaughter houses, and meat markets may also be required to have agricultural permits depending upon their specific situation.  The history of this program is given on our Agricultural Program History Web page.

The Bureau of Water’s Stormwater, Construction, and Agricultural Permitting Division is responsible for issuing agricultural facility permits. Permitted facilities are routinely inspected by field staff for compliance. Owners of agricultural facilities are assisted by Bureau and field staff in achieving and maintaining compliance with their permits. Enforcement actions are used by the Bureau when necessary to attain compliance with permits, water quality standards, and State Laws and Regulations.


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