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Ag Program

Regulation Amendments

Amendments to SC Regulation 61-43, "Standards for the Permitting of Agricultural Animal Facilities," became effective on June 28, 2002. The major changes to the regulations include:

  • a new requirement that a proposed or expanding swine facility's size classification be based on the cumulative weight of all swine facilities owned by the applicant within 25 miles of the proposed facility;
  • the addition of new and more stringent criteria for swine facilities over 1,000,000 pounds of normal production. Click here for a summary of this criteria;
  • a new restriction on any animal facility being located in the 100-year flood plain
  • the addition of a new Part 400 on permitting requirements for manure brokers. Click here for a summary of this criteria;
  • the addition of a new Part 500 on integrator registration program. Click here for a summary of this criteria;
  • the addition of an exceptional quality compost program in Section 300.50;
  • capturing all owners of animal facilities under the requirements on training, operation and maintenance, monitoring, and record keeping; and
  • requiring the owners of the facilities with 500,000 pounds or more to submit annual reports

Other miscellaneous changes, corrections, and clarifications were also made. These include:

  • renaming "Waste Management Plan" to "Animal Facility Management Plan" and changing "waste" to "manure" through out the regulation.
  • improving the public notice on new or expanding facilities (except large swine facilities) by:
    • requiring an applicant to notify property owners within 1,320 feet of the construction footprint of the proposed facility. When property has multiple owners or is in an estate with multiple heirs, the Department at the applicant expense may notice the application in a newspaper in the area of the facility; and
    • specifying the Department, upon receipt of an application, will post four signs in the area of the proposed facility.
  • changing the formula for calculating the average animal live weight production for swine facilities to (average exit weight + average entry weight)/2. The previous formula was (average entry weight - average exit weight)/2. The same formula was added to Part 200 on Animal Facilities other than swine.
  • added new siting requirements on treatment and storage facilities for dry animal manure and other by-products
  • changing the 4 foot soil monitoring requirement on manure application areas to an eighteen inch requirement

Please visit our Agricultural Program WEB page for a comprehensive presentation of SC's environmental regulatory program on agricultural facilities.

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