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Drinking Water - Compliance Monitoring

Compliance monitoring involves the collection of water samples from public drinking water systems to insure compliance with all State and Federal Regulations. This monitoring is based upon the type, size and water source of the public water system.

A public water system is defined as (1) any public or privately owned waterworks system which provides drinking water, whether bottled or piped, for human consumption, including the source of supply whether the source of supply is of surface or subsurface origin. (2) All structures and appurtenances used for collection, treatment, storage or distribution of drinking water delivered to customers.  (3) Any part or portion of the system and including any water treatment facility which in any way alters the physical, chemical, radiological, or bacteriological characteristics of drinking water; provided that public water system shall not include a drinking water system serving a single private residence or dwelling.  A separately owned system with its source of supply from another waterworks system shall be a separate public water system.

Listed below are the four types of Public Water Systems. 

  • Community Water System (Type C) - means a public water system which serves at least fifteen service connections used by year-round residents or regularly serves at least twenty-five year-round residents.  This may include, but not be limited to, subdivisions, municipalities, mobile home parks, apartments, etc.
  • Non-transient Non-community Water System (Type P) - means a public water system that is not a community water system and that regularly serves at least twenty-five of the same persons over six months per year.
  • Non-community Water System (Type N) - means a public water system which serves at least fifteen service connections or regularly services and average of at least twenty-five individuals daily at least sixty days out of the year, and does not meet the definition of a community water system.
  • State Water System (Type S) - means any water system that serves less than fifteen service connections or regularly serves an average of less than twenty-five individuals daily.

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