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Fish Advisory
Fish Consumption Advisories

Lake Wateree - Entire Lake

(PCB Advisory)

One meal per week

Largemouth Bass

One meal per month

Blue Catfish
Striped Bass

No Restrictions

Black Crappie

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Cleaning and Cooking Fish to Reduce PCBs

You can reduce your exposure the PCBs by the way you prepare the fish.  PCBs are found in the fatty part of fish.  By cleaning or cooking fish to reduce fat, you can also reduce the amount of contaminants you eat.

  • Remove the head and all the guts.
  • Remove the skin and trim all fat from the areas shown in the picture.
  • Don't panfry or deep fry. Broil, bake, poach or coil your fish so that the fatty juices drip away.
  • Don't eat or use any of the cooking liquids.


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