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Savannah River Basin Regional Water Resource Forum

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An opportunity for South Carolina Savannah River Basin stakeholders to provide input on water resource quality and quantity issues






Meeting Information

Initial Stakeholder Meeting, January 21, 2010

About 130 participants from across the Savannah River Basin in South Carolina came to the North Augusta Municipal Center to discuss water quality and quantity issues.


Invitation Flyer

Forum Agenda

Topics and comments from the evaluations

Forum Minutes

Forum Discussion



Did you forget to fill out an evaluation or have further comments or suggestions? 
Please fill out an evaluation and send it by email, fax or mail to:

Rebecca Spratlin
SC DHEC, Bureau of Water
Division of Water Quality
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC  29201
fax: 803-898-7344

Forum Presentation Powerpoints:

Tanya Strickland, City of N. Augusta

David Baize, SC DHEC

Eric Krueger, The Nature Conservancy

Jeff deBessonnett, SC DHEC


DHEC Contacts:

From left to right Ken Rentiers, Bud Badr, David Baize, David Wilson
Photo courtesy of Ben Turetsky
David Wilson
Chief, Bureau of Water

David Baize
Asst. Chief, Bureau of Water

John Litton
Asst. Chief, Bureau of Water

Jeff deBessonnett
Director, Division of Water Facilities Permitting

Rebecca Spratlin
Watershed Manager: Savannah and Saluda River Basins

Richelle Tolton
Coastal Community Liaison

DHEC Environmental Quality Control (EQC) Regional Offices

DNR Contacts:

Ken Rentiers
Deputy Director, Land, Water and Conservation Division

Bud Badr
State Hydrologist

Other Contacts:

Eric Krueger
Director of Science and Stewardship, The Nature Conservancy – SC Field Office


Water Quality in the Savannah River Basin

Other Topics of Interest: