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Low Impact Development - Additional LID Information


City of Nashua, Hew HampshireAlternative Stormwater Management 
Methods Manual (available with permission from the City of Nashua, NH 
and Comprehensive Environmental, Inc.)

Part 1 - Planning and Guidance (2.5MB)

Part 2 - Designs and Specifications  (3.2MB)

This document (2MB) was prepared by the Prince George's County Maryland Department of Environmental Resources Programs and Planning Division, with assistance from EPA. The design charts from the appendices of this document are not available in PDF format at this point in time.

Articles and Papers on Low Impact Development

Discussion of an Ecosystem Functional Basis for Protecting Receiving Waters, L. S. Coffman 

Low –Impact Development Design: A New Paradigm for Stormwater Management, Mimicking and Restoring the Natural Hydrologic Regime: An Alternative Stormwater Management Technology, L. S. Coffman

Hydrological Responses from Low Impact Development comparing with Conventional Development, Mow-Soung Cheng, Larry S. Coffman, Yanping Zhang and Z. John Licsko

Reducing Nonpoint Pollution with Public Outreach / Education Programs, L. S. Coffman

Channeling Rain for Environmental Gain, Outlook Online, University of Maryland, April 22, 2003

Fredericksburg Tries Natural Filtering of Storm Water, Washington Post, July 6, 2003

Presentations from South Carolina's Low Impact Development Conference


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