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Stormwater Outreach - Resources for Phase II Stormwater

DHEC Resources and Programs

Resource Materials For You to Use
Art Work, Radio Ads and Other Water Outreach Materials Available for Your Use

Action for A Cleaner Tomorrow
K-12 Environmental Curriculum

"Your Guide to Stenciling and Tagging"
HTML Version
PowerPoint Presentation
(Get the free Power Point viewer)

Turning the Tide Nonpoint Source Newsletter
This quarterly newsletter features NPS projects around the State.

Turning the Tide: A Citizen's Guide to Reducing Runoff Pollution (pdf)
This guide should be in every home. Full of practical ways for everyone to reduce runoff.

A Fish's Wish(pdf)
This activity booklet tells the story of a fish's wish for clean water. Great for grades 3 thru 5. All publications are free of charge and are available in quantities not greater than 50 per publication. If you need large quantities, print-ready CDs are available for Turning the Tide and A Fish's Wish.

Getting In Step Presentations

Building Blocks of Outreach
The Art of Outreach
Working With the Media
What it Takes to Change Behavior
Evaluating Your Outreach Efforts
City of Rock Hill / Clean Creek Carnival
Stormwater Education Consortium

South Carolina Outreach Programs

NEMO Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials SC NEMO is an educational program that provides information to help local decision-makers understand the impacts of nonpoint source pollution /stormwater on water quality, the link between those impacts and land use, and some innovative ways to manage for those impacts.

South Carolina Home-A-Syst A voluntary self-assessment program for homeowners to help them implement responsible practices to protect surface and ground water quality.

Carolina Clear
A broad reaching water quality program to educate South Carolinians about the impact of Stormwater Runoff and how every individual can make a difference. Produced by Clemson Extension. Contact: Candie Adams-Goode at (843) 814-3395 or Carolina Yards and Neighborhoods .

Carolina Yards and Neighborhoods 
A Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service program designed to assist and guide South Carolina homeowners in conserving water in the landscape and in making positive changes in the environmental quality of their yards, neighborhoods and surrounding waterways by implementing the principles of Environmental Landscape Management. Contact: Jack Queener, Beaufort Co. Ext. Office (843) 470-3655 or for CD and booklets.

Outreach Materials


Nonpoint Campaign Posters and Ads
Copies of CD Rom and video televis

Septic Education Kit
One of the most innovative septic education programs in the country to date! A toolbox containing user-friendly fact sheets (customize locally), entertaining slide show starring Henry Homeowner, comprehensive workshop outlines, two attention-grabbing publicity photos, clever marketing ideas, and tips on how to partner with other agencies. Also article templates for quick submissions to local newspapers, a humorous color poster reminding homeowners to pump their tanks, compelling radio announcement scripts, creative newspaper ad and flyer samples. The US Department of Commerce will produce and distribute the Septic Education Kit for $99.


Free EPA stormwater outreach brochures, fliers, place mat and posters.

Examples of stormwater brochures covering a variety of topics, from American Oceans

A selection of runoff pollution fact sheets and brochures from the University of Wisconsin

Storm Drain Markers and Stencils

Earthwater Storm Drain Stencils
Storm Drain Markers from ACP International

das Storm Drain Markers

Runoff Pollution Demonstration Model Enviroscape, an interactive watershed model that demonstrates sources of andsolutions to runoff pollution. Excellent presentation tool for adults and children.

Stormwater Information Sources

Center for Watershed Protection
The Center for Watershed Protection works with local, state, and federal governmental agencies, environmental consulting firms, watershed organizations, and the general public to provide objective and scientifically sound information on effective techniques to protect and restore urban watersheds.

The Stormwater Manager’s Resource Center
This site is designed specifically for stormwater practitioners, local government officials and others that need technical assistance on stormwater management issues. Created and maintained by the Center for Watershed Protection, the SMRC has everything you need to know about stormwater in a single site.

The MTAS NPDES Phase II Stormwater Management BMP Toolkit is designed to provide permittees information on Best Management Practices for each of the Six Minimum Controls required in the Phase II Permit.

Stormwater News
A site for research papers on stormwater public education and outreach.

K-12 Curriculum

The Water Sourcebook
Water curriculum for grades 6-8 from the Water Environment Foundation.

Project Wet K-12 Water curriculum. Six hour teacher workshop training required. $15.00 per teacher. Contact: Janice Conner, SCDNR, (803) 734-6376

Healthy Water Healthy People
Grades 7-12, Healthy Water, Healthy People - an innovative water quality education program sponsored by Project WET and the Hach Scientific Foundation, offers hands-on activity guides, testing kits, training, and much more.

Examples of Outreach Programs

Fort Worth, TX Stormwater Education
City of Sacramento Stormwater Management Program (California)
City of Greensboro, NC Stormwater Outreach Program
Port Orchard, WA Stormwater Outreach

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