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NPDES Permitting

NPDES Guidance Documents and Brochures

The following is a list of NPDES Permit Program related guidance documents available from the Bureau of Water.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has numerous publications on or related to the NPDES permit program. Some EPA publications recommended by the Department are as follows:

  • NPDES Permit Writers Manual, December 1996 (EPA-833-B-96-003)
  • Guidance Manual for Developing Best Management Practices
  • Technical Support Document for Water Quality-Based Toxics Control, March 1991 (EPA/505/2-90-001)
  • Treatability Manuals, Volumes I - V, January 1983 (EPA-600/2-82-001a, b, c, d, & e)
  • Water Quality Standards Handbook, August 1994 (EPA-823-B-94-005a)
  • Water Effects Ratio Guidance

For a comprehensive listing of EPA publications, please visit EPA's WEB page on List of EPA Publications for NPDES.  EPA will provide you with one copy of any publication that they still have available. To order an EPA publication directly from EPA, please visit their WEB page on Ordering Publications.

If EPA is not able to provide you with a copy of a publication, the publication may be still be available from other sources.  For information on obtaining an EPA publication from other sources, please visit EPA's WEB page on Publications Source. This site gives links to sources for all EPA publications and those publications that are available on-line from EPA.

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