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NPDES Permitting

Internal Waste Streams

(Section 122.45(h) of R.61-9)

122.45(h) Internal waste streams.

(1) When permit effluent limitations or standards imposed at the point of discharge are impractical or infeasible, effluent limitations or standards for discharges of pollutants may be imposed on internal waste streams before mixing with other waste streams or cooling water streams.  In those instances, the monitoring required by section 122.44(i) shall also be applied to the internal waste streams.

(2) Limits on internal waste streams will be imposed only when the fact sheet under R.61-9.124.56 sets forth the exceptional circumstances which make such limitations necessary, such as when the final discharge point is inaccessible (for example, under 10 meters of water), the wastes at the point of discharge are so diluted as to make monitoring impracticable, or the interfer-ences among pollutants at the point of discharge would make detection or analysis impracticable.

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