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NPDES Permitting

NPDES Monitoring Requirements

(Section 122.48 of R.61-9)

122.48  Requirements for recording and reporting of monitoring results.

(a) All permits shall specify: (1) Requirements concerning the proper use, maintenance, and installation, when appropriate, of monitoring equipment or methods (including biological monitoring methods when appropriate);

(2) Monitoring shall include type, intervals, and frequency sufficient to yield data which are representative of the monitored activity including, when appropriate, continuous monitoring;

(3) Applicable reporting requirements based upon the impact of the regulated activity and as specified in section 122.44.  Reporting shall be no less frequent than specified in the above regulation.

(4) That a permittee required to monitor a waste discharge shall maintain records of all information resulting from such monitoring, including the date, place and time of sampling; the dates analyses were performed; the person performing the analyses; the analytical techniques, procedures or methods used; and the results of such analyses.  All records and results of monitoring activities and calibration and maintenance records shall be retained by the permittee a minimum of three (3) years unless otherwise required or extended by the Department. (b) Any person who falsifies, tampers with, or knowingly renders inaccurate any monitoring device or method required by the Department to be maintained as a condition in a permit, or who alters or falsifies the results obtained by such devices or methods, shall be deemed to have violated a permit condition and shall be subject to the penalties provided for pursuant to 48-1-320 and 48-1-330 of the Code.

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