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Current Advisories

Advisory Information

S.C. DHEC routinely collects water samples At over 120 locations on South Carolina’s beaches.  If high numbers of bacteria (Enterococcus) are found, an advisory is issued for that portion of beach.  An advisory means that DHEC advises you NOT to swim in that areas while signs are posted.  This is especially true for young children, those with comprised immune systems, and the elderly. 

Advisories do not mean that the beach is closed.  Wading, fishing, and shell collecting do not pose a risk.  Advisories may be issued due to high sample results or because of rainfall causing stormwater to runoff on the beach.  Advisories are lifted when sample results fall below the limit of 104CFU/100mL. 

Check the local newspaper and television stations as well as this Web site for up-to-date information.  Look for advisory signs while at the beach.  Stay well and have fun on our beautiful beaches.



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