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Program Information

The ocean water quality sampling staff works out of the 3 regional offices.  Region 6 is in Myrtle Beach.  Region 7 offices are in North Charleston, and Region 8 staff are located in Burton.  Although S.C. beaches are open to the public year round, the beach season for ocean water quality sampling is May 15th to October 15th.

Staff in the 3 regions normally sample Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  Samples have a 6-hour hold time.  This means that from the time the sample is taken, staff have a maximum of 6 hours to have it back in the lab for analysis.  Samples take 24 hours to incubate.  When results are read, if the results warrant, an advisory may be issued and/or another sample will be taken.

The links below are documents explaining the ocean water quality monitoring program.



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