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Broad River Basin
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The Broad River Basin (hydrologic units 03050105 and 03050106) is located in Cherokee, Spartanburg, York, Union, Chester, Fairfield, Newberry, and Richland Counties, and encompasses 2,450.4 square miles within South Carolina, excluding the Enoree River and Tyger River Basins. The Broad River flows across the Piedmont region of South Carolina. Of the approximately 1.5 million acres, 60.6% is forested land, 23.8% is agricultural land, 1.2% is scrub/shrub land, 2.1% is forested wetland, 9.8% is urban land, 1.6% is water, and 0.9% is barren land. The urban land percentage is comprised chiefly of the Cities of Spartanburg, Gaffney, and Chester, and portions of the Cities of York, Union, and Columbia.
In the Broad River Basin, there are approximately 2,798.6 stream miles and 14,603.0 acres of lake waters. The Broad River flows across the North Carolina/South Carolina state line and accepts drainage from Buffalo Creek, Cherokee Creek, Kings Creek, Thicketty Creek, Bullock Creek, and the Pacolet River. The Broad River then accepts drainage from Turkey Creek, the Sandy River, the Little River, and Cedar Creek before converging with the Saluda River in Columbia.


Water Quality Information
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  Hydrologic Unit Code Text
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Factors Assessed in Watershed Evaluations,
Watershed Stewardship Programs, and
Protection and Restoration Strategies
Water Quality Assessment Summary
Broad River Basin -- Watershed Unit Index Map
Broad River
03050105-05  X X
Buffalo Creek
03050105-08  X X
Kings Creek
03050105-09  X X
Thicketty Creek
03050105-10 X X
Bullock Creek
03050105-11  X X
North Pacolet River
03050105-12  X X
South Pacolet River
03050105-13  X X
Lawsons Fork Creek 
03050105-14  X X
Pacolet River
03050105-15  X X
Broad River
03050105-16  X X
Turkey Creek
03050106-01  X X
Sandy River
03050106-02  X X
Broad River
03050106-03  X X
Broad River
03050106-04  X X
Little River
03050106-05  X X
Cedar Creek
03050106-06  X X
Broad River
03050106-07   X  X


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Bureau of Water . Phone: (803) 898-4300 . Fax: (803) 898-3795 . Contact Us