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Salkehatchie River Basin
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Water Quality Information

Reference Map of the Savannah-Salkahatcie River Basin


General Information


Basin Description

The Salkehatchie Coastal Frontage Basin encompasses 1 watershed and 73 square miles that flow through the Coastal Zone region of Beaufort County. Of the 46,410 acres, 47.2% is nonforested wetland (marsh), 38.4% is forested land, 26.6% is water, 6.2% is agricultural land, 3.4% is forested wetland (swamp), 2.5% is urban land, and 1.6% is barren land. There are approximately 7,682.7 estuarine acres in this basin.
The Salkehatchie Coastal Frontage Basin consists of the Harbor River and a series of inlets that drain directly into the Atlantic Ocean. These inlets include Trenchards Inlet, Pritchards Inlet, Skull Inlet, and Fripp Inlet.

Water Quality Information

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Factors Assessed in Watershed Evaluations,
Watershed Stewardship Programs, and
Protection and Restoration Strategies
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