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State Revolving Fund
State Revolving Fund


The SRF Process

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  • If the project is eligible for funding, it will be ranked in accordance with the Integrated Priority Ranking System and placed on the State’s Comprehensive Priority List. If a project remains on the Comprehensive Priority List for 3 years and is not ready to proceed, an updated Project Questionnaire (PQ) will be requested.

  • Every year, DHEC will develop an Intended Use Plan that identifies projects expected to receive loans for the upcoming fiscal year (July 1- June 30). At this point, DHEC and the BCB will contact the sponsor to discuss the permitting and loan application requirements.



To be sure everything runs smoothly, please refer to the following contacts: 

Shawn Clarke (803)-898-3993
DHEC contact for any questions related to SRF process.

Trish Comp ( 803)-737-3808
Budget and Control Board contact for any financial questions related to SRF process. 

Celeste Osterberg (803)-898-3547
Any questions related to SRF draw requests.