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State Revolving Fund
State Revolving Fund


Projects We Fund

Please review WHICH PROJECTS we have funded this past year.

View Business Cases for Green Project Reserve(GPR) qualified projects

Drinking Water Projects

Text Box: FYI…  Drinking water   projects proposed  solely for growth  cannont be funded  through the SRF.
  • Upgrade of a Surface Water Treatment Plant
  • Looping of Distribution Lines
  • Interconnecting Systems
  • Addition of New Wells
  • Adding Treatment or Storage Components
  • Water Meter Replacement
  • Relocation of Waterlines due to Road Widening Projects


Wastewater Projects

  • Upgrade and Expansion of a Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Sewer Line Rehab and Replacement
  • New Pump Stations and Force Mains
  • Collection Systems for Areas on Septic Tanks
  • New Interceptor
  • Non-point Source Projects
  • Relocation of Wastewater Lines due to Road Widening Projects