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Guidance and Documents

The Guidance and Documents Section provides detailed descriptions of many aspects of the design and implementation phases of stormwater management in addition to all the applications and forms provided by S.C. DHEC and that are required to obtain NPDES coverage.

The BMP Handbook is provided under this section. This handbook evaluates numerous Best Management Practices (BMPs) by explaining where and when to use the BMP, how to install, inspect and maintain the BMP, and if the BMP is used to meet water quality requirements. The handbook provides design aids that outline how to determine trapping efficiencies.

Other topics covered under this section are Larger Common Plans and Final Stabilization details. Both of these practices are important steps that are often overlooked after NPDES coverage is obtained. During the implementation of the approved Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), properly conducted site inspections are essential for keeping the site under compliance. 


BMP Handbook

South Carolina’s guide to numerous BMPs that are often implemented in a Stormwater Management Plans


Final Stabilization

Land disturbing activities must be stablized within 14 days and once the site becomes 70% stabilized the Notice of Termination can be filed.



Throughout the Land Disturbance Process, inspection reports must be maintained by certified Erosion Prevention & Sedimet Control Inspectors.

In addtion to the above, many other documents can be found within this section that may help improve the implementation of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention and help guide the stormwater management process from the initial design to the point where the Notice of Termination can be filed.



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