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Welcome to the Quick Resources Page for DHEC'S Stormwater Program. Here you will find the latest information and documents for each of the stormwater programs.

All new information will be posted below as each of the stormwater programs reissue or develop new permits, permit guidance, or facts sheets. Recent presentations will also be posted below for a short time.

After a while, all posted information will be placed in a permanent location within the stormwater website.

On October 15, 2012 the Department issued two NPDES general permits for construction activities. The first permit is a reissued version of the Stormwater Construction General Permit (SCR10000), while the second is a new NPDES general permit, the Department of Transportation's (DOT) Stormwater Construction General Permit (SCR16000).

Coverage Approvals under the 2006 CGP must be revised by July 1, 2013 to meet applicable permit requirements within the 2012 CGP. Please see Section 3.1.1.F of the 2012 Stormwater Construction General Permit (SCR100000).

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Industrial Stormwater General Permit Reissued

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Recertification Applications are no longer being accepted.


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