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Uranium Water Testing
 & Sample Results

        All public wells within 7 miles of the homes affected on Jenkins Bridge Road have been sampled and uranium levels in these wells are below the MCL.  In addition, 5 monitoring wells around a closed county landfill nearby have also been sampled.  All landfill monitoring wells were below the MCL for uranium.  

    So far, the Department has either sampled or received the results from 778 private wells in the upstate of South Carolina.  Of the 778 private wells sampled, 80 wells exceed the MCL for uranium.  The wells that exceed the MCL are widely scattered throughout the area, making it difficult to determine the extent of the area impacted.  Uranium levels vary from a low of 0 ug/L to a high of 10,100 ug/L.  With the exception of the highest uranium level of 10,100 ug/L, all other wells sampled were below 4,000 ug/L of uranium. Additionally, 322 public wells were analyzed and 7 of them exceeded the MCL. 

            Soil samples in the Jenkins Bridge Road area, along with samples from inside a residentís home were analyzed for uranium.  Uranium was not detected above what is a normal amount of uranium for either the soil or in the home.  In addition, two area streams were tested for uranium and were found to be much less than 1.0 ug/L.

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