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Water Treatment Devices & Studies

The Department has completed a study of 2 treatment devices that can be purchased by homeowners to treat both uranium and radon in drinking water to evaluate the effectiveness of such systems. The data show there are alternatives to using public water in areas where it may not be available or to those who may choose not to use it if available. The systems are described in detail below.  Please note although the Department is testing two brands of treatment devices donated by local merchants, this does not constitute endorsement of these products and should not be interpreted as such.  Other brand names or merchants who offer similar products may be equally as effective in removing radionuclides.  The homeowner is encouraged to evaluate each product as it relates to the scientific processes by which they work, not solely on brand name or merchant.  The Department also recommends that only NSF approved treatment units are used .  The NSF seal of approval should be stamped on the box or provided by the company that installs your treatment device.

  Reverse Osmosis  
  Ion Exchange
  Water Treatment Summary  
  Calculating the Amount a Treatment Device Can Remove

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