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Drops to Watts – Water & Energy

The connection between energy and water use: WaterSense Energy

  • An average home can spend upwards of $250 per year on energy needed for hot water.
  • The annual amount of energy needed to heat water for an average home is more than the annual energy used to light that same house.
  • Upgrading just half the households in the Southeast with WaterSense labeled faucets or faucet aerators could save residents an estimated $40 million on their water bills and another $80 million on their energy bills.
  • The energy needed nationally to treat water and wastewater can account for a more than 30 percent of municipal energy costs.
  • Water Efficiency Included in Energy Bill
Water running from a faucet for five minutes uses energy equivalent to that needed to power a 60-watt light bulb for 14 hours.. Learn More about the water and energy connection.


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