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Wastewater General Construction Permit


General Construction Permit

This general construction permit covers the construction of domestic wastewater projects which are comprised of gravity sewer lines and force main extensions which are 16 inches in diameter or smaller, the rehabilitation, replacement, upgrade or expansion of existing pump stations projects with a design size of 2,000 gpm or smaller, and new pump station projects with a design size of 250 gpm or smaller. This general permit is limited to those projects that are designed and inspected by the staff engineer(s) and/or the PE(s) on retainer with the public entity and owned (initial and final) and operated by the public entity approved for coverage under this general permit.

General Construction Permit Application

  • The initial application for a public entity to be considered for general permit coverage.

General Construction Permit NOI

  • The form used to notify DHEC of a proposed construction project, once a public entity has been approved for general permit coverage.


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