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Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Evaluation (OCDEE)

The Office of Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Evaluation is responsible for collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of health data related to chronic conditions such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and their risk factors.
This office supports the work of several chronic disease programs throughout the Bureau and the Agency by providing the following services:

  • develop study designs, questionnaires and case definitions
  • evaluate chronic disease programs
  • locate or develop surveillance data systems, and analyze epidemiologic data sets
  • provide state and national comparison data
  • interpret South Carolina chronic disease and risk factor data
  • conduct epidemiologic investigations and special studies of chronic diseases and chronic disease risk factors of public health importance
  • monitor South Carolina chronic disease trends
  • publish reports and web pages on chronic diseases and risk factors.

To improve epidemiology and evaluation support across categorical programs, OCDEE in collaboration with the South Carolina Public Health Consortium (SCPHC), Arnold School of Public Health at University of South Carolina (USC) has implemented a post graduate model. This is a public health practice based concept that takes advantage of both academic and applied aspect of public health research and practice. Currently there is one post graduate and two post doctoral fellows imbedded in their program specific area of concentration.

The CSTE White paper published in 2004 describes the essential functions of chronic disease epidemiology in State Health departments documents “For four of the Essential Public Health Services, chronic disease epidemiologists typically play a supportive or coordinating role.”

Office of Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Evaluation
Bureau of Community Health and Chronic Disease Prevention
SC Department of Health and Environmental Control
1800 St Julian Place
Columbia, SC 29204

For additional information, please contact:
Bureau of Community Health and Chronic Disease Prevention- 803.545.4490