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Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Evaluation (OCDEE)

HP2010 Chronic Disease Focus Areas

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1. Access to Quality Health Services
            1-1: Persons with health insurance
            1-4: Source of ongoing care
                        1-4c: Source of ongoing care, adults
            1-9: Hospitalization of ambulatory-care-sensitive conditions
                        1-9a: Hospitalization - Pediatric asthma
                        1-9b: Hospitalization - Diabetes
                        1-9c: Hospitalization - Immunization-preventable pneumonia or influenza

2. Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Chronic Back Conditions
            2-2: Activity limitations due to arthritis
            2-4: Help in coping
                        2-4a: Provider counseling, overweight and obese, adults with arthritis
                        2-4b: Provider counseling, physical activity or exercise, adults with arthritis
            2-5: Employment rate
                        2-5b: Effects of arthritis on paid work among adults with arthritis
            2-7: Seeing a health care provider, adults with arthritis
            2-8: Arthritis education, persons with arthritis
            2-10: Hospitalization for vertebral fractures

3. Cancer
            3-1: Overall cancer deaths
            3-2: Lung cancer deaths
            3-3: Breast cancer deaths
            3-4: Cervical cancer deaths
            3-5: Colorectal cancer deaths
            3-6: Oropharyngeal cancer deaths
            3-7: Prostate cancer deaths
            3-8: Melanoma deaths
            3-9: Sun exposure and skin cancer
                        3-9a: Protective sun exposure measures, adolescents
                        3-9b: Protective sun exposure measures, adults
            3-11: Pap tests
                        3-11a: Pap tests ever received
                        3-11b: Pap tests received within last 3 years
            3-12: Colorectal cancer screening
                        3-12a: Fecal occult blood test using home test kit
                        3-12b: Sigmoidoscopy
            3-13: Mammograms
            3-15: Cancer survival

5. Diabetes
            5-1: Diabetes education, adults
            5-3: Diabetes prevalence
            5-5: Diabetes-related deaths
            5-6: Diabetes-related deaths among persons with diabetes
            5-7: Deaths from cardiovascular disease in persons with diabetes
            5-10: Lower extremity amputations in persons with diabetes
            5-12: A1C test at least two times a year
            5-13: Annual dilated eye examinations
            5-14: Annual foot examinations
            5-15: Annual dental examinations
            5-16: Aspirin therapy
            5-17: Self-blood-glucose-monitoring

12. Heart Disease and Stroke
            12-1: Coronary heart disease deaths
            12-2: Knowledge of heart attack symptoms
            12-6: Heart failure hospitalizations
                        12-6a: Heart failure hospitalizations, persons aged 65-74 years
                        12-6b: Heart failure hospitalizations, persons aged 75-84 years
                        12-6c: Heart failure hospitalizations, persons aged 85+ years
            12-7: Stroke deaths
            12-8: Knowledge of early signs of stroke
            12-9: High blood pressure
            12-12: High Blood Cholesterol Level
            12-15: Blood cholesterol screening

14. Immunization and Infectious Diseases
            14-29: Influenza and pneumoccal vaccination of high risk adults
                        14-29a: Influenza vaccine, adults aged 65 and older
                        14-29b: Pneumococcal vaccine, adults aged 65 and older
                        14-29c: Influenza vaccine, high-risk adults aged 18 to 64 years
                        14-29d: Pneumococcal vaccine, high-risk adults aged 18 to 64 years

15. Injury and Violence Prevention
            15-1: Nonfatal head injuries hospitalizations
            15-2: Nonfatal spinal cord injuries hospitalizations
            15-3: Firearm-related deaths
            15-4: Improper firearm storage in homes
            15-8: Deaths from poisoning
            15-9: Deaths from suffocation
            15-13: Deaths from unintentional injuries
            15-15: Deaths from motor vehicle crashes
                        15-15a: Deaths from motor vehicle crashes, age-adjusted rates
            15-27: Deaths from falls
            15-28: Hip fractures
                        15-28a: Hip fractures, females aged 65 and older
                        15-28b: Hip fractures, males aged 65 and older
            15-29: Drownings
            15-32: Homicides
            15-38: Physical fighting, grades 9-12
            15-39: Weapon carrying on school property, grades 9-12

19. Nutrition and Overweight
            19-1: Healthy weight in adults
            19-2: Obesity in adults
            19-3: Overweight or obesity in children and adolescents
                        19-3b: Overweight or obesity, ages 12-19
            19-4: Growth retardation in low-income children

22. Physical Activity and Fitness
            22-1: No leisure-time physical activity, adults
            22-2: Moderate, regular physical activity, adults
            22-3: Vigorous physical activity, adults
            22-6: Moderate physical activity, grades 9-12
            22-7: Vigorous physical activity, grades 9-12
            22-9: Daily physical education in schools, grades 9-12
            22-10: Physical activity in physical education class, grades 9-12
            22-11: Television viewing, grades 9-12

24. Respiratory Diseases
            24-1: Deaths from asthma
                  24-1a: Asthma deaths, ages under 5 years
                  24-1b: Asthma deaths, ages 5-14 years
                  24-1c: Asthma deaths, ages 15-34 years
                  24-1d: Asthma deaths, ages 35-64 years
                  24-1e: Asthma deaths, ages 65 years and older
            24-2: Hospitalizations for asthma
                  24-2a: Asthma hospitalizations, ages under 5 years
                  24-2b: Asthma hospitalizations, ages 5-64 years
                  24-2c: Asthma hospitalizations, ages 65 years and older
            24-3: Hospital emergency department visits for asthma
                  24-3a: Asthma emergency department visits, ages under 5 years
                  24-3b: Asthma emergency department visits, ages 5-64 years
                  24-3c: Asthma emergency department visits, ages 65 years and older
            24-10: Deaths from COPD

27. Tobacco Use
            27-1: Adult tobacco use
                  27-1a: Cigarette smoking, adults
            27-2: Adolescent tobacco use
                  27-2a: Tobacco products past month, grades 9-12
                  27-2b: Cigarettes past month, grades 9-12
                  27-2c: Spit tobacco past month, grades 9-12
                  27-2d: Cigars past month, grades 9-12
            27-5: Smoking cessation attempts by adults
            27-7: Smoking cessation attempts by adolescents
            27-11: Smoke-free and tobacco-free schools
            27-12: Worksite smoking policies