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Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

South Carolina Worksite Initiative

The HDSP South Carolina Worksite Initiative aims to help businesses in South Carolina develop healthier worksites by providing organizations with resources to:

  • initiate employee wellness programs,
  • improve employee health promotion efforts, and
  • advocate for policies that support environmental and policy changes in the workplace.

Benefits of implementing worksite wellness programs:

  • Employee health and lifestyle interventions can positively affect a company’s bottom line.
  • Research shows that healthier employees have lower absentee rates and cost less to insure.

Resources for Employers

South Carolina Worksite Toolkit and Resource Guide (pdf)

  • Helps worksites learn about wellness resources and offers ideas to start or further worksite wellness initiatives in your organization.
  • Focuses on increasing physical activity and on encouraging healthy eating.
  • Provides strategies and actions that can be built into existing program efforts.

More helpful links:

For additional information, please contact the HDSP Worksite Coordinator by phone at (803) 545-4499 or by email.