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Community Health & Chronic Disease Prevention

Healthy People imageThe Bureau of Community Health and Chronic Disease Prevention's mission is to improve the health status of local citizens. It seeks to be community-focused, proactively responsive, and team-oriented in providing culturally appropriate leadership, technical assistance, and resource sharing to South Carolina's communities. It works with district staff, community advocates, and others to improve current levels of communication, collaboration, and consultation among DHEC's Health Services, other state agencies, and local community partners.

The Bureau is composed of eight divisions that address a wide variety of program areas. Below is a listing of the divisions with a brief description of their missions as well as links to their individual webpages where available.

Office of Healthy Schools

The Office of Healthy Schools focuses on improving the academic achievement and health of school age children and youth, school faculty, staff and communities by providing training, technical assistance and resources for schools to become health promoting and improve academic success of their students. We strive to ensure that school health issues are addressed across all program areas and encourage involvement of the community and local businesses in partnerships to improve adolescent and school health.

Division of Cancer Prevention & Control

The goal of this division is to reduce the number of cancer cases and cancer deaths among our citizens in South Carolina. Staff collaborate with individuals, organizations and communities to encourage and facilitate cancer prevention, early detection and appropriate care when diagnosed.

Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Division

The HDSP Division's mission is to prevent and reduce heart disease and stroke in South Carolina by focusing on promoting community, institutional, and environmental changes in the areas of physical inactivity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Division of Diabetes Prevention and Control

The goal of this division is to reduce the burden of diabetes in South Carolina by monitoring the impact on our citizens, coordinating the efforts of organizations around the state, and developing new approaches to reduce the burden of diabetes.

Division of Home Health Services

Home Health Services provides professional and supportive health services to persons in their places of residence: (1) to assist them in achieving or maintaining their optimal health status, (2) to facilitate earlier discharge from hospitals and nursing homes, (3) to prevent or delay institutionalization, and (4) to provide care and comfort to the terminally ill.

Division of Injury and Violence Prevention and Control

This division addresses prevention and control of occurrences of injuries and their impact on the overall quality of life of South Carolina's citizens. Programs include: the Child Passenger Safety Program, the Residential Fire Injury Prevention Program, the Disabilities and Health Project, the Traumatic Brain Injury Surveillance Program, the State Child Fatality Advisory Committee, and the South Carolina Violent Death Reporting System.

Division of Obesity Prevention and Control

The Division of Obesity Prevention and Control is charged with developing a comprehensive statewide approach to prevent and control obesity in the state. Division efforts strongly emphasize policy and environmental supports to provide for sustainability and support in communities to make the healthiest choice the easiest choice.

Division of Tobacco Prevention and Control

The division addresses health issues related to tobacco use and cessation as well as exposure to secondhand smoke. State and community level initiatives involve collaboration with partners also committed to promoting tobacco use prevention and harm reduction.

South Carolina Arthritis Prevention and Control Program

The program was established to create a statewide, population-based approach that addresses the burden of arthritis in SC. Program objectives include prevention, screening, early detection and appropriate management of arthritis, with an emphasis on self-management. SC DHEC relies on partnerships throughout the state to work toward the goal of reducing pain and disability due to arthritis and other rheumatic conditions.

Preventive Health and Health Services Block (PHHSBG) Grant for SC

Preventive Health and Health Services (PHHS) Block Grant dollars received by South Carolina are used to support rape prevention and education (RPE) activities, emergency medical service (EMS) efforts, and the implementation of community-level culturally appropriate health communication projects and health promotion interventions targeting the risk factors of poor nutrition, physical inactivity and tobacco use. The intent of each PHHS Block Grant funded effort is to help assure healthy people are living in healthy communities.

Success Stories are available online which show the impact and positive difference each PHHS Block Grant funded program is making towards improving the lives of South Carolinians.

Office of Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Evaluation

The Office of Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Evaluation is responsible for collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of health data related to chronic conditions such as arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and their risk factors.

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