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Injury & Violence Prevention

The State Child Fatality Advisory Committee

S.C. State Child Fatality Advisory CommitteeThe State Child Fatality Advisory Committee (SCFAC) examines each case of unexpected and unexplained child death in South Carolina. Motor vehicle crashes are not reviewed as they are investigated by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. By reviewing the circumstances and actions surrounding a child's death, effective community responses to the prevention of child fatalities may be determined. The SCFAC is a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary team of local, regional and key state professionals from varying fields and levels. The mission of the committee is to decrease the incidence of preventable child deaths by:

  • Developing an understanding of the causes of child death;
  • Creating plans for implementing changes within the agencies represented;
  • Advising the Governor and the General Assembly on statutory, policy, and practice changes which will prevent child deaths.

SCFAC reviews data received from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), Department of Child Fatalities and provides recommendations based on trends/patterns and relationships, as well as procedural and investigative endorsements. The SCFAC program coordinator is housed in the Division of Injury and Violence Prevention.

For additional information contact:
Jill S. Varn, Program Coordinator, 803-545-4485 email:
Owens Goff, Program Manager, (803) 545-4483 email: