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Governor's Council on Physical Fitness

Governor's Council Committees

October 17, 2012

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is responsible for endorsing physical activity events and programs in schools and communities and for creating a Governor’s Council Seal of Approval.

Lynn Hammond- Acting Chair
Al Hawkins- Vice Chair
Bob Hampton- Treasurer 

Awards: The Awards Committee is responsible for the coordination of the annual Awards Program. Each year the Governor's Council honors outstanding leaders in the field of physical activity. Awards are presented to an individual, community, school, worksite, media, faith-based, and public policy for their efforts in advancing the levels of physical activity in South Carolina. The awards are presented to the winners at a dinner in conjunction with the annual spring Physical Activity Conference. The nomination period is generally from January 15 of each year until March 1.

Chair: Al Hawkins
Members: Stewart Darby, Cassandra Phillips, Art Baker

Budget: The Budget Committee is responsible for the allocation of funds that are available to the Governor's Council.

Chair: Bob Hampton

Events, Media and Communications: The Events, Media and  Communications committee is responsible for preparing and presenting research, reports, newsletter ideas, packets, and a calendar of events.  The Media/ Communications Committee will also organize partnerships and/or collaborations with other organizations to create PSA’s to promote physical activity.  The committee will keep the Council website updated, as well.  It is also responsible for the organization and authorization of co-sponsorship/endorsement events and endorsements that promote health among a continuum of populations that would be subject for council review on annual basis.

Chair: Members:  Art Baker, Al Hawkins,
Cassandra Phillips, Stewart Darby, Ramsey Makhuli

Bylaws, Strategic Planning and Public Policy: It is through this committee that the Council will serve as an advisor to the State on issues related to physical activity, providing vision and leadership to agencies and policy makers. 

This committee is charged with:

examining or formulating the policies that will help to shape the focus of the Governor's Council,  periodic review and revision of the existing By-Laws of the Council if directed to do so by the Executive Committee and/or the full Council, and drafting and establishing a strategic plan of action for the Council

Chair: Al Hawkins
Members: Lynn Hammond

Ad Hoc Committees: The ad hoc committees are each created with a unique and specific purpose/project and once that purpose/project has been completed, it stands disbanded.