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School Health

Healthy Schools Award Winners

South Carolina Healthy Schools Award Winners

A Healthy School focuses on the priority risk behaviors that affect learning and health, and on the use of strategies, programs, services and environments that provide support and reinforcement for positive health behaviors among students and staff. A Healthy School uses an interdisciplinary team approach in improving school health and academic success; has support and commitment of administrators; has an effective team leader; demonstrates successful utilization of community resources; and shows evidence of communication, collaboration and program coordination among the various components of school health. School administrators, teachers, and staff work with students, families, health and human service agencies, local businesses, and other community groups in an effective, collaborative effort to ensure healthy and academically successful students.

The SC Healthy Schools Award process offer schools an opportunity to showcase their hard work and efforts in becoming a health promoting school and coordinated school health initiatives. Schools that successfully document implementation and coordination and integration of quality school health programming utilizing a team approach are presented a Healthy Schools Award in one or more of the eight components of Coordinated School Health.

  • A healthy, safe environment that nurtures positive development;
  • Integration of family, business, and community into school programming;
  • A health promotion program for staff;
  • Skills-based health education;
  • An emphasis on physical education and activity;
  • Health services that include prevention and maintenance, screenings, and referrals;
  • Nutrition services; and
  • Guidance, psychological, and social services.

SC State Department of Education- SC Healthy School Awards Page and Criteria

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2011-2012 SC Healthy Schools Award Winners

Bronze Award Winners

North Central Middle School
Kershaw County School District
Principal Dr. Burch Richardson

Hand Middle School
Richland School District One
Principle Marissa Vickers

WS Sandel Elementary
Richland School District One
Principal Fae Young

Pine Grove Elementary
Richland School District One
Principal Inger Ferguson

Eau Claire High School
Richland School District One
Principal June Page

Lower Richland High School
Richland School District One
Principal Kelvin Wymbs


For more information on past and present award winners, access the following documents:


The All Health Team and Champions of the Environment are other opportunities for schools to receive recognition and potential funding for their efforts. Please see the following links for more information:

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